Hello, and welcome to my very humble & modest website dedicated to the lovely Ms. Cyndi Lauper.  This really serves no other purpose than to share some of my thoughts, feelings, and most beloved photos of this very talented & beautiful lady.  Please browse on through and hopefully you enjoy.

I would like to acknowledge John North for providing some of the material and concepts which makes this site what it is today.  Thanks dude!

The Appeal Of Cyndi Lauper   My theories & feelings on what makes this little lady so special.

Album Reviews   I originally wrote these for Jean-Marc's site, but figured, why not put them here as well?  These are my feelings on each of her records.

Song Reviews
  Here I go into my thoughts and feelings about each song.  Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and let's talk brass tacks...

Cyndiisms   A collection of my favorite things Cyndi has said over the years.  Bask in the resplendent glory of her wit and witticism.

Searching  Click here to read my cry for help in my insatiable quest for all things Cyndi.

Cavalcade of Pictures
Feast your eyes on my most beloved photos.  These, along with the pictures that adorn the other pages, are my personal favorites.  I hope you like them as well...

And now for something completely unrelated,
here's a couple of pages of pictures of other people who are very easy on the eyes...

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