The Appeal Of Cyndi Lauper

As most of you know, Cyndi Lauper has a very special appeal (hence your visiting of this site).  I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on why that is.  It is my own personal feeling, but I imagine most people would agree with me.  If you've been cruising the webring, it's immediately obvious that there are many, many people out there who love her with all their heart.   Arguably, this can be said of any superstar artist, past or present, and maybe this is a biased judgement, but I think Cyndi holds more of a special place in peoples' hearts than your average pop star.  At first glance, she is a somewhat dismissable '80s teenybopper novelty.  However, a closer scrutiny into her recorded output reveals a truly talented singer (and, in most cases, songwriter as well).  A closer look at her as a person reveals a very beautiful, vibrant, down-to-earth, intelligent, strong woman with a top-shelf sense of humor.  She does not come across as some goddess who is out of reach, but instead as someone you want to reach out and touch.  She has a very open, honest quality that is immediately endearing...not one bit tarnished by an air of self-importance or pretentiousness.  The song "True Colors" is a perfect example of just how powerful she can be through her music.  This has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and even though she did not write it, it is undeniable that her deliverance lends so much to the song's emotional whollop that she might as well have.  This is but one of many examples.  Anyone who has delved into her body of work realizes how special and truly enriching her spirit is.  She is (or at least makes you feel she is) like a "kindred spirit", to take a phrase directly from her.  A friend whose smile would light up your soul on the bleakest of moments.   An inspiration by example to live life vigorously and enjoy every aspect of it.   She can make you laugh or cry without even seeming to try.  She truly is a treasure and we cherish her.  God bless Cyndi Lauper.   : )


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